Intermittent Anecdotes

Frequent fables fashioned for fun. Or whatever. By Caleb Trenton.



Me: *Walks up to you*

Me: *hands you piece of paper*

Piece of Paper: “Good Day,  If you can read this, congratulations. You can read.”

Me:*starts to walk away*

You:*throws a brick at my head, it shatters through the window in front of me and falls down to the street*

Me: *turns around in shock*

Me: “Oh, you want me to talk a little bit about myself and this blog?”

You:*nods head cautiously*

Me: “Ok. Well, I’m Caleb. I’m an American College student from the Chicagoland area. I have this blog for when I get random story ideas or prompts from people/events/etc.”



*sirens in the distance*

Me: *runs over to shattered window* “Oh, see, now you’ve done it. The brick you threw landed on Sweet Old Marge on the street below. Now the cops are here. Quick, follow me”

Me:*grabs your hand and pulls you down the hallway, we disappear into the dark stairwell*

Me: You know, if you used your words none of this would’ve happened. Just sayin…